EV Charging Services

Discover our full suite of customizable services:

  1. Site Evaluation & Design: Fullerton determines the ideal locations for your infrastructure and designs scalable, future-proof EV charging stations and networks.
  1. Code Compliant Load Analysis: With decades of network experience, Fullerton understands the vital electrical load studies, data, and reporting you need.
  1. Real Estate, Architecture, & Engineering: From site leasing, zoning, and permitting to landlord relations and collaborating with utilities, we’ve been leaders in the site acquisition business for years. We also provide in-house engineering services to guarantee a reliable and efficient network.
  1. Pre-Construction Planning & Budgeting: Let Fullerton’s team handle the logistics of pre-construction planning and budgeting so there are no surprises for you along the way.
  1. Installation & Management: In-house and nationwide teams handle the installation and construction of your EV infrastructure, including level 2 and level 3 charging stations. Trust us to manage the project management services as well for a seamless construction process.
  1. Commissioning & Maintenance: We ensure all equipment, systems, and networks are performing as designed and can provide ongoing maintenance as needed.