Fiber/Small Cell Services

Fullerton’s Fiber and Small Cell Design Team includes talented engineers, designers and project managers who provide cutting-edge solutions in the following areas:

  1. Node Design
  1. Infrastructure planning for OSP fiber designs including planning of fiber routes, considering factors such as geographic terrain, right-of-way permissions, environmental conditions, and future expansion requirements.
  2. Determine the optimal placement of fiber optic cables, whether they are aerially strung on poles, buried underground, or placed in conduits, to ensure protection from external elements and minimize signal loss.
  3. Plan, engineer and design fiber optic networks within buildings (ISP)
  4. Utilize advanced technologies and industry best practices to create robust and scalable fiber designs that meet the demands of the communication networks.
  1. Fiber Design
  1. Analyze the site, including assessing the population density, traffic patterns, building structures, terrain characteristics, and network performance requirements to help determine the optimal placement for the node design.
  2. Take into consideration the power and backhaul needed as part of the design to ensure reliable connectivity.
  3. Coordinate closely with local authorities and stakeholders to ensure compliance with regulations to obtain necessary permits.
  1. Small Cell Leasing/Permitting
  1. Site selection
  2. Negotiate lease agreements
  3. Obtain the necessary permits
  4. Zoning and Land Use Compliance
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment
  6. Public Notifications
  1. Pole Analysis and Surveys
  1. Site visits
  2. Photography and documentation
  3. Pole attachments and clearance
  4. GPS mapping
  5. Data collection
  6. Structural assessment
  7. Power availability
  8. Space availability
  9. Height considerations
  10. Regulatory compliance