DAS/Network Design Services

With our deep industry knowledge and innovative approach, we ensure that our clients' communication networks perform at their best, enhancing user experiences and enabling reliable connections. Our DAS services include:

  1. In-Person Site Design Visits
  2. Head-End Design - Planning and configuration of the central equipment and infrastructure that serves as the control center for the entire DAS network taking into account scalability and future expansion requirements
  3. DAS Network Design - Encompasses the comprehensive planning, engineering, and design of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
  4. RF Benchmark Testing - Comprehensive testing and evaluation of the Radio Frequency performance and coverage of the DAS network including signal strength, coverage and quality, data capacity analysis, roaming performance and overall network reliability
  5. RF Design - Planning and optimizing the RF aspects of the DAS network to ensure effective coverage, capacity, and performance
  6. Project Management – Processes and standards powered by Fullerton’s PMO
  7. Zoning/Permitting Services
  8. Construction Administration and Management – Leverages Fullerton’s Construction Services team to ensure efficient deployment of the DAS networks